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What higher aim can man attain than conquest over human pain?
Don't be without a bottle of Eno's Fruit Salt.
~ Friday, August 29 ~

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We watched this in my musical theatre history class last spring & I still haven’t had enough time to come to terms with the fact that it exists.

The first time this aired (because this was 1998 and it was very hard to find a blow-by-blow account of what had happened before it reached TV in the US), I think I screamed. I still scream when I watch it. It’s magical.

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im all for women adoring themselves but im not all for turning being attractive into the focus of feminism that’s what we’re trying to move away from

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Holy Bible Era group shots.

The most intelligent, musically ingenious, stylish band of the 1990s.

Viva Manic Street Preachers.

20 years today!

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~ Thursday, August 28 ~


 Gudetama can best be descibed as a lazy, distressed egg who likes to lie around -whether he’s fried on rice or casually resting on top of tamago sushi.

Gudetama is officially my favourite Sanrio character. 

#this egg yolk has a butt

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I just want to reblog this eVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE


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Memory Lapses in Mental Illness: Can Any of You Relate?


I took a psychobiology class on depression and anxiety. My professor stated that disorders like PTSD and depression are, on the biological level, related to your body being in the fight-or-flight state for far too long. This means excess cortisol, which damages the hippocampus.

He then mentioned that people with depression or PTSD tend to have severe memory lapses.

Which kind of floored me, because since I’ve been sick I’ve noticed just how awful my memory is. It used to be excellent, but now… I forget parts of my autobiographical memory. Someone tells me “hey remember when we did this?” and I just stare at them blankly because I have no recollection of that whatsoever.

The scariest thing was when I forgot my PIN number. Which I’ve had, without incident, for years. I just walked up to an ATM and suddenly… I couldn’t remember it. Not at all. It was terrifying and it scared my sister too.

Can anyone else relate?

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guys my mum gave me this old album of photos, which i have been steadily mining for throwback thursdays. most of them are pretty standard — family vacations, class trips, high school parties, and childhood best friends

and then suddenly there’s a random printout of a scene from star wars episode i where qui-gon, obi-wan, anakin and padme are running away from battle droids

i guess my 12-year-old self felt like that was a really important memory that needed to be treasured

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